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SPIE Prism Award 2023 Winner

We make big image data work.
Raw image compression for large image data and AI


It's time for data-centric AI

Imagery is at the core of innovation. Highly reliable AI-based analysis in critical applications can only be enabled with raw images. Only raw images hold the power of insights. However, it often remains dormant. The downside of raw images? Their size. Too big to transfer and store. Too slow to process. Dotphoton unveils the power of raw images and boosts big image data for critical and professional applications:
Reduced data volume
Compression of 8:1 at the speed of 10Gbps networks
Faster data preparation
Metrological accuracy of raw images for data interoperability
Data traceability
Metrological traceability to the specific image sensor and its settings
our approach

Better than lossless

We use quantum properties of light and image sensor characteristics to achieve the highest compression ratio on the market. Dotphoton is the first raw image compression algorithm designed for human eye and machine vision equally, optimizing the noise encoding at the raw pixel level without compromising the signal.

Industry-agnostic solution for multifaceted problem

Satellite Imagery

Divide cost of downlink and storage with raw quality preservation on Earth observation satellites.

Machine vision

Improve the camera acquisition speed and bit depth with the full quality of CMOS sensor and deliver the best quality to end-users.

Autonomous vehicles

Empower your embedded system with raw quality and make the next generation of autonomous vehicle ready in a certified environment.


Get your data ready for the AI and ML revolution; raw quality images with sustainable data volume for storage and transfer.


Less NAS/cloud storage expenses and faster editing time for high volume photo businesses.

powered by dotphoton

Our image compression products

Jetraw — for biomedical labs

Jetraw compression allows 5—10x better raw image compression at the speed of 200 Mbps without image quality loss

Jetraw Core — for camera manufacturers

FPGA compression integration for faster image acquisition and processing speed with low power consumption

Rawsie — for professional photographers

Raw image compression software used by thousands of photographers worldwide