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Meet us next:
Space Tech Expo
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Jetraw — Maximise the value of your image data for AI

Multi-storage data management platform with quality-assured image compression for big-volume cloud and local storage systems.

6x faster data transfer
80% storage economy
image processing expertise trusted by

Most image processing is designed for an the human eye, but today it’s machines that analyze images, requiring higher-quality data at a large scale.

Jetraw optimizes data for machine vision, enhancing a i AI performance


life sciences

Compress to scale
Jetraw transparently compresses images at high ratio and fast speeds, while maintaining their accuracy. Your data is fast and reliably fit for AI.
Synthesize for AI
Jetraw generates physical image data using sensor models at a fraction of your usual acquisition and generation costs.
Validate to secure
Jetraw offers data QA checks, preventing systematic bias and enhancing ML models' robustness to changes in acquisition modalities and sensor parameters.

Bring speed, economy and AI to your data

6x faster data
Streamline cloud uploads, downloads, and data transfers between storages, pipelines and teams. Enables projects scalability and performance
Discover Jetraw impact for your data and storage systems
80% cheaper data
Reduce cloud costs to enable more local storage, cut the need for infrastructure upgrades. Redirect your budget from data management to product development.
Meet our team to calculate your storage benefits with Jetraw
More accurate AI
Enable metrological approach to image processing to increase the accuracy of ML/AI algorithms, and allow tight control over data quality tolerances.
Explore Jetraw for AI services

Turn your data into a collaborative tool

— Project managers
Streamline project workflows with faster data access
— IT directors
Maximise the value of your IT infrastructure & improve data transfer speeds
— Data scientists
Enhance AI model validation affordably
— Sustainability managers
Reduce CO2 emissions of your company’s data

No budget required

Let’s see how much time and effort we could save for your team

Looking for compression for your device?

Learn about Jetraw Core, our IP Core product

Learn more about Jetraw Platform

Are Jetraw-stored data compatible with the image viewer software and formats we use?

Your data stays in its original file format when you upload or download the data. The data is compressed while in storage, and it gets decompressed when reading the files.

Does Jetraw provide its storage?

No, we don’t provide storage, you connect your existing local or cloud storage.

Does Jetraw have access to my data?

No, Jetraw doesn’t have access to your data, your data privacy is managed by your storage provider.

What do you mean by RAW image data? What about a device-processed data?

By raw we mean…. We also accept certain on-device pre-processing, as long as the file hasn’t been processed with lossy compression. Reach out to us mentioning specific processing you use and share a sample image - we’ll be able to determine whether it’s Jetraw-friendly.

Can I share the data outside of my team, i.e. non-Jetraw users?

Yes, anyone can open/decompress images as they install Jetraw platform, no account is needed to receive the images.

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