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Reduce data transfer time and cloud/local storage costs

No budget required: pay as you save
CLI, API, GUI, Python on all OS
6x transfer speed,
transactional operations
Dotphoton customers and partners

Create the ideal data workflow for your entire team with just one platform

Jetraw combines features that normally require a dozen applications which are difficult to integrate and manage due to platform support, programming language and other limitations. Jetraw simplifies data access for everyone on your team.

Turn complex data management into simple, easy-to-use operations

Accessible data management for all team members
Cross-platform: MacOS, Linux, Windows
Command line with familiar syntax
GUI, API, Python
Browser version
Granular cost control with data operations queue
Accurately track transaction times
Estimate transaction costs in advance
Detect and easily recover from transaction errors
Handle large-scale transaction volumes
Accurate data usage and cost tracking
Direct sharing links, external access and custom roles & permissions
Unified Authentication Integration
Integrates with your Auth protocols
Leverages your user management
Google, Microsoft, Single Sign-ON (OSS)
Generate metrologically raw synthetic image data on demand
Generate multiple image-label pairs from a single acquisition
Emulate acquisition devices to generate data for downstream model resilience
Unified data & backup management
Multi-source storage: cloud, on-premise, hybrid
Built-in data deduplication
Database synchronisation for real-time consistency

Redirect data management budgets from storage to building great products

$5.3M saved
to 2029 including Jetraw bill
example case
Compression ratio
S3 standard price
Data growth

Finally, let your data scale with your software, hardware, workflows and talent

Optimal data compression for 6x faster transactions
Award-winning image compression to minimise storage without losing quality
Universal file compression to shrink any file type
Instant data decompression, non-disruptive to your workflow
example case
Download from cloud
3.5GB dataset
330 mixed raw images
AWS S3 via CLI
100MB/s bandwidth
MacOS M2 Max



AWS + Jetraw



Regular AWS

Democratise data with tools tailored to each team member

Engineers, Data Analysts, AI/ML developers
Expand training resources data by generating metrologically accurate synthetic datasets
Advanced query capabilities to access data and metadata effortlessly for seamless AI integration
Streamline your AI workflow by integrating with your existing processes for optimised performance
Project managers, administrators and other stakeholders
Monitor and manage data-related expenses with precise cost-effective operations
Generate comprehensive reports for transparent billing process
Assess CO2 emissions and savings, aligning with sustainability goals and reporting requirements
Data usage across departments for accurate budgeting and resource allocation
IT managers
Track and monitor large volumes of data and transactions across users or departments for complete visibility
Backups and recoveries to ensure data integrity
Secure data transfers with HTTPS protocols
Unified authentication and authorisation with your existing user management system

No seats.
No platform fees.
No packages.
No limits.

Designed to grow with your team. Pay only when you save on your data with Jetraw