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Meet Dotphoton's new Chair of the Board — José Achache

Please meet Dotphoton's new Chair of the Board — José Achache

We cannot contain our excitement anymore. It’s time to share it with the world. We’re delighted to announce that José Achache has been appointed as the Chair of the Board of Dotphoton.

José is a graduate of Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, holds a PhD in Geophysics, a PhD in Physical Sciences, and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford.

José started his career as a Professor of Geophysics at IPG, followed by a Chief Scientist at the French Geological Survey BRGM. Then moved on to become a Deputy Director General of the French space agency CNES, Director of Earth Observation Programmes at the European Space Agency, and the first Secretary General of the Group on Earth Observations. He is also an Architect of the Copernicus Programme of the European Union and its Sentinel series of satellites.

José is the founder and CEO of ALTYN, Geneva-based space and security company, a managing Director of AP-Swiss, a joint programme of ESA and the Swiss Space Office, and an advisor and a Chairman of several startups. Amongst them are Media Lario, world leader in advanced optical systems for space; Astrocast, a company building a constellation of nano-satellites to provide global M2M/IoT communication; and ILTOO Pharma, a biotech company developing new treatments for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Given José Achache’s unique blend of skills and experience, both academic and professional, his involvement in startups developing technologies for satellites, cybersecurity, applications of space on Earth (global IoT, Earth observation and environmental intelligence), and biomedical - we cannot think of a better match. After working with José for several years an advisor to Dotphoton, we're truly happy for him to be appointed as the Chairman of the Board.

Please join us in welcoming José Achache as the Chair of the Board of Dotphoton.


Swiss deep tech startup specialised on software solutions for raw image compression for critical applications. Dotphoton uses insights from quantum physics to provide high compression ratios whilst still preserving original quality and image fidelity. Dotphoton's products are already being used by biomedical camera manufacturers and laboratories, and the core technology has been validated by major Swiss research centres.


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