Teledyne Photometrics partners with Dotphoton

Dotphoton is delighted to announce partnership with one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance cameras for life science research Teledyne Photometrics. Jetraw compression will allow Teledyne camera users to process image data faster and store it in more efficient and sustainable way.

Joe Deasy, Marketing Manager at Teledyne Photometrics commented that this partnership is set to resolve prohibitive data storage issues caused by the large amounts of data generated by scientific imaging solutions.

“Our Kinetix sCMOS high-speed scientific camera is capable of generating 4.9 Gigabytes of data per second. Solutions such as Dotphoton’s Jetraw are necessary for efficient post acquisition data management.” — Joe Deasy, Marketing Manager, Teledyne Photometrics

Jetraw is a metrologically correct raw image compression software for high-end biomedical applications. Its unique technology and cutting edge approach to camera calibration enables file size reduction by a factor of 6-10 at the speed of 200 MB/sec/core, while preserving the raw quality of images. It uses a full information-theoretical model of the image acquisition process, based on the physical properties of both the light and the sensor to ensure optimal performance. Jetraw is easy to install, compatible with most visualisation and processing software, and supports major file formats.

“We’re excited to be working with Teledyne Photometrics to make our raw image compression Jetraw more accessible to the scientific community. This is set to simplify data management, make it more reliable and scalable for the biomedical industry. Jetraw unlocks the true power of raw images for the scientific research especially linked with AI image processing.” — Eugenia Balysheva, CEO Dotphoton

Dotphoton is a Swiss technology company that develops innovative data management solutions for large image data. Company’s deep knowledge and latest insights from quantum physics ensures it stays ahead as the highly reliable partner in the imaging field, trusted by the European Space Agency, Bosch, leading camera manufacturers and the most innovative biotech centres and labs across the world.